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Kevin Jurek, Owner, Organizational Improvement Solutions LLC

Kevin Jurek, Owner, Organizational Improvement Solutions LLC

It's been an interesting road to say the least! I actually started my career in the information technology field after graduating from Ferris State University in 1984 with degrees in both Data Processing and Accounting. Most of my work in this part of my career was done in the area of electronic data interchange, and I did work on national standards setting boards for the technology.  This is where I began my interest in leadership and team development.

After doing my part as an IT professional to "save the world from Y2K", I felt a career change was in order.  At the beginning of the new millennium, I started my training/development career as a technology trainer and a technical writer. Shortly after that, I changed my focus to the areas of leadership and team development.  I have built and deployed successful leadership competency models as well as the curriculum and programs that support them.  I have coached people at every level of leadership, from the shop floor to the board room. I have also done extensive work in the area of team development.  I'm known for helping both struggling and successful teams achieve better relationships and results. Finally, I'm a certified human performance improvement specialist, assisting both individuals and teams to diagnose and correct issues that are preventing them from achieving maximum results.

My wife, Kelli, and I have been married for over 30 years and we have two married daughters.  In my spare time, I enjoy doing volunteer work at my church, fishing, trail/road running, watching sports and home brewing.