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Keynote Addresses

“Leading a Values-Based Business (or team, or scout troop, or family, or…)” – In this interactive presentation, the audience actually defines what it is they truly value.  After that, they are asked some tough questions about whether they are leading their groups based on their values or not.  Also discussed is the importance of understanding the values of those that you lead.

“Thanks For The Complaint – Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business” – This presentation addresses the important topic of properly handling customer feedback, especially negative feedback. Audience members will walk away with a model that they can use with their teams to help them collectively and productively handle this type of feedback.

“Developing The Killer Goal” – This story-based presentation helps audience members understand the difference between performance and development goals.  It also points out many of the common errors that occur when individuals and teams write goals.

“What IS Your Organizational Culture Anyway?” – This highly interactive presentation is geared toward groups of 40 or less.  It starts out with a 10,000 foot view of culture and ends up on the ground level talking about the culture of the organization.

“Who Are You, and What Did You Do With My Best Employee?” – What happens when one of your high performing employees isn’t as sharp as they usually are?  There are actually a number of possible things going on.  This presentation gives you some pointers on how to “get to the bottom of things”.