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Leadership Development Training

Ken Blanchard – Situational Leadership II ® - Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is the most comprehensive and practical method of effectively managing and developing people, time, and resources in the world. SLII® is a model and a set of tools for opening communication and helping others develop self-reliance. It is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development between managers and the people they work with so that competence is developed, commitment is gained, and talented individuals are retained.  Click here for more information on this popular, practical program.

Ken Blanchard – Situational Self Leadership ® - Enabling individuals to transition from responsiveness to responsibility encourages initiative, idea generation and problem solving. The confidence an individual gains from this type of empowerment improves autonomy, performance and commitment. This program is designed to create and foster self-empowerment and engage people at all levels of the organization. Participants learn strategies to gain more satisfaction from their work by challenging their notion of leadership, to examine what motivates them, and to build confidence and self-reliance through knowledge and skills.

Communication Skills/Relationship Building – Gordon Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T) -  Today, the idea that effective leaders need to be both human relations specialists as well as task specialists is firmly established. One without the other doesn’t work. At the heart of L.E.T. is the principle that effective leaders must build and maintain good relationships with their team members. L.E.T. uses time tested methods to teach participants how to use good communication skills in order to create a collaborative and productive work environment, especially in the areas of active listening, confrontation, and problem-solving. Click here to learn more about this powerful workshop.

Personal Accountability and the QBQ – In this one-day, video-based session, we facilitate the teachings of best-selling author John Miller.  John is recognized as one of the world’s biggest experts in the area of personal accountability. Don’t miss this one.  Personal accountability permeates all facets of your personal and work life.  CAUTION: This workshop can be life changing! Click here to view a video that illustrates some of the content.  Click here to learn more about how you and your team can learn more about personal accountability using the QBQ!

Book Clubs – We offer groups the opportunity to learn together through reading together. We currently have book club offerings for the following titles:

·         Leadership and the One Minute Manager  by Ken Blanchard– 2 sessions

·         The Servant by James Hunter – 3 sessions

·         21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell - number of sessions vary

Monthly "Hangout" Learning Sessions -  These are monthly, 1.5-2 hours sessions where members of your leadership team are introduced to and discuss various leadership topics. Each session starts with a "community building" question, followed by the monthly topic Don't pass this one by. These popular sessions are very powerful ways for your teams to learn from each other.