About OIS


"Helping people become better leaders...Helping leaders become
better people."

Welcome to Organizational Improvement Solutions LLC. The name of the company explains exactly what it does!

Organizational – I help people within any type of group, profit or non-profit that needs…

Improvement – Through helping the organization assess where it is and where it wants to/should be, I develop and deliver…

Solutions - These can be anything from on-going, individual coaching sessions to one-time keynotes in front of large groups, and everything in-between.

I work with both leaders and the teams they either lead or participate in.

I consider leaders to be people of influence within your organization.  This means that people don't need to be "the boss" in order to be a leader within your organization.

I consider teams to be "groups of two or more people coming together for a common cause, sharing the rewards and responsibilities for achieving it.”


About Me

Kevin Jurek, Owner, Organizational Improvement Solutions LLC

Kevin Jurek, Owner, Organizational Improvement Solutions LLC

I've certainly followed an interesting road to get here!  After graduating from Ferris State University in 1984 with B.S. degrees in Accounting and Data Processing (that's what we called it way back then!), I pursued my career in the field of Information Technology (what we call it now!).  The majority of my IT career was spent working on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.  While working in this area,  I sat on numerous national EDI standard setting committees. It was during this time that I discovered that my real passion was working with people and not computers. This is where my interest in leadership and team development truly began.

After helping the rest of the IT community "save the world from Y2K", I figured it was time for a career change. It was at this time that I began my career in learning and development. I started out doing technical writing and training, but I had a strong passion for developing leaders and their teams.  I eventually moved into this area of training. I also became a certified Human Performance Improvement (HPI) specialist during this time.

During this phase of my career, I've built leadership competency models as well as development programs and curriculum to support them. I've also done individual coaching with people from the shop floor to the board room, helping them and their teams improve their relationships and results.

My wife Kelli and I have been married over 30 years. We have two married daughters and two grandchildren. In my spare time I enjoy doing volunteer work at my church, fishing, trail running, and home brewing. In December of 2018, I published my first book entitled “Moments of Silence: 52 Weekly Exercises for the Christian Mind, Body and Soul.