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Team Building

“The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team” – This workshop comes in 1/2 day, full day, and two day formats.  It’s based on the book of the same title by Patrick Lencioni.  It can be delivered for either leadership teams or intact work teams.

DISC® Team Dynamics – Click here to learn more about this workshop.  This workshop is a great follow-up to the “FiveDysfunctions Of A Team” workshop when it’s done by an intact work team.

“Mini” Team Building Exercises – These are 60-90 minute, “quick hit” exercises that help your team focus their development in very specific areas.

Team Charter Building – In this activity, I walk your team through the formal process of developing its charter.  This process takes a team into some in-depth discussions regarding its culture, “rules of the house”, true customer base, etc.  Time of this activity is variable, based on the team and the complexity of its makeup.  This is a great activity for an off-site team retreat.

What IS Your Organization’s Culture Anyway? – This one day workshop is designed to help organizations that have never formally defined their culture.  It starts at a high level with a definition of culture and continues to go deeper until the group (at least begins to) define itself. This can be a great add-on at the end of a DISC® Team Dynamics session.