“Several years ago our team underwent a number of leadership changes, expanded our responsibility to include an additional country and their leader, had recently lost a couple team members and gained a couple new.  Our team was in the midst of huge change, uncertainty, and we were aware the work that lay ahead to become a cohesive, successful team would be no small feat.  As the new leader of this team, and still fresh to the supervisory world, I was anxious, nervous, excited.

Fortunately, we had Kevin Jurek, a member of our organization’s Human Resources Training and Development Team, to walk alongside us on our journey to a true community.  Over the next few years we worked with him through a number of intense individual and team building activities and assessments provided by our organization.  These opportunities brought tears, laughter, times of frustration, and moments of great clarity and bonding.  Kevin provided gentle coaching during this time, and I appreciated his ability to help us navigate through these tough discussions with true professionalism and patience.

We did DiSC, High Performing Work Teams, Communication Skills Training, Relationship Building, among others.  As a result of this work and Kevin's ongoing commitment to see our team succeed, we developed one of our organization's first Team Charters.  It outlines what our vision and mission are, the culture of the team, rules of the house, how we expect to treat each other and be treated, and how we want to service our customers, 

Recently, this phenomenal group of individuals won "Team of the Year".  This is a huge accomplishment, competing with over 100 groups for this coveted title.  The award is given based on performance, meeting outlined goals and displaying the organization's Cornerstone Values; integrity, war room mentality, and the philosophy of sharing, treating customer as king, just to name a few.  I am proud of what they do, but more importantly, how they do it.  Each member has a service mentality, communicates effectively with many groups of people, and has been dedicated to work on establishing a true community. 

Kevin’s guidance, insights, and leadership through his role on the organization’s Leadership & Development Team were instrumental in our development.  Our organization has many tools available, and Kevin guided us in using those tools to develop and maintain the community we've all worked so hard to establish.  We’re thankful for the part Kevin played in our success.”

Erica Waara, North American Quality Assurance Manager, Gordon Food Service


"Kevin is a fabulous trainer. He is also highly relational. He will stand by one's side to insure that they understand the skills and are able to apply them. He gives his customers the best customer service I have ever seen. It has truly been an honor doing business with Kevin. I give him high recommendations in the areas of training development, training facilitation, team building, individual assessments, coaching, and many more education and training skills."

Charise Bos, Human Resource Manager, Profile Films


"My DiSC assessment and coaching session with Kevin has been extremely helpful. Not only did it provide insights into my strengths, it also gave me some valuable tools. I’ve practiced in conversations for the last few weeks and it’s amazing how picking up on someone’s personality can improve the outcome.

Tom Damouth, Owner, Levra LLC


"I have had the opportunity to participate as a fellow presenter in many of the professional development experiences Kevin has facilitated over these past few years. Kevin is highly organized before and during sessions with wonderful follow through afterwards. His passion is found in guiding people from where they are to where they need to be, and I believe his true gift is in his ability to relate to the spectrum of people. An accomplished story teller, Kevin brings the point home through his use of appropriate imagery!"

Ken Wasco, Advocate for Operator Success with Gordon Food Service


"I have had the opportunity to participate is several leadership development programs facilitated by Kevin. As a new leader, I came into the training with limited leadership experience and walked away with a variety of new skills. He presented the content and material in a manner that was easy to follow, and provided several relevant examples. I also realized that Kevin's focus on building effective relationships translated extremely well to other areas too.He has a solid reputation, does excellent work and I, along with many others, view him as an expert in the field of leadership training."

Khumbo Siwela, HR Compliance Manager, Gordon Food Service


"Kevin has been invaluable here at Gordon Food Service in the capacity of leadership development. I participated in a program that he advocated for and implemented in our organization. Under his instruction, I learned many new skills, and have grown a ton professionally. He possesses the qualities of a leader, and is well-qualified to train others. Our organization has been blessed many times over by his investment."

Kelly Kowalczyk, Marketing Communications Specialist, Gordon Food Service